HDMI 4Way (1-in/4-out) Splitter 3D, 4Kx2K, EDID, with IR Extension

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4way HDMI splitter distributes the input of the HDMI signal into 4 outputs simultaneously. Each amplifier splitter's output can achieve long distance transmission of HDMI signal up to 60Ft. It supprts 3D and 4K x 2K high resolution HDMI.

** IR Extension function **
IR Extension function allows you to extend remote control IR signal through HDMI cable. Say you have a TV and cable box in the living room, and second TV in the bed room upstairs. You can change cable channel either in the living room or on the bed upstarirs with the cable box remote control. You do not have to go downstairs each time you want to change cable channel.

** IR remote control adapters are required (sold seperately). **
If you do not need IR extension function you do not need IR extension adapters. 110533 just works as HDMI splitter.

** EDID **
EDID data exchange is a standardized means for a display to communicate its capabilities to a source device. The premise of this communications is for the display to relay its operational characteristics, such as its native resolution, to the attached source, and then allow the source to generate the necessary video characteristics to match the needs of the display. This maximizes the functional compatibility between devices without requiring a user to configure them manually, thus reducing the potential for incorrect settings and adjustments that could compromise the quality of the displayed images and overall reliability of the system.

* 1-in / 4-out HDMI splitter
*IR transmitter (110512), IR receiver (110513), IR Adapte (110514) not included
* HDMI version: High speed with 3D and 4K x2K support
* HDMI resolution: Max 3,840 x 2,160/30Hz
* EDID configurable
* Output cable distance: <=60Ft without equalizer
* Size: 4.4 x 3 x 1" (111 x 75 x 23.5mm)
* Power adapter : Input: AC (50HZ.60HZ) 100V-240V; Output: DC5V: (included)