Mirage 8x18 HDMI Over IP (HDIP) Matrix Expandable

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Great for Restaurants, SportsBars, Super markets, Malls, Hotels, Schools, Churches, High end homes, Dental offices, Doctors offices....

Just run a CAT5e/ CAT6 cable to each TV and this is it, we provide a complete solution with apps to control the switch from any IOS or Android device.

You can further customize and program each source or TV on your own with URC or other apps integrated with URC Total Control

HDMI Matrix for 8 input and 18 output 1080p HDMI Over IP up to 384 Ft (True 8x18 IP matrix)

Includes 8 Transmitters and 18 receivers (8 input sources to connect to any 18 TV/Monitor)

Includes a Cisco 52 port gigabit Managed IP switch for extension and distribution

Includes URC MRX-10 controller to program and switch inputs at any time with an IPAD, Iphone, Android tablets and Phone (included)

Easily integrated with other options like RTI, Elan, Control 4, AMX, Crestron...(not included)

Compatible with HDCP.

Supports 1080p and 720p video, plus 2-channel audio

Support IR Extender function

Plug-and-play operation - no programming or setup required

Each input can be directed to any output at any time instantly (with no lag)

Allows Wideband IR remote control of sources devices.

Note: To expand, customer need to purchase extra transmitter and receiver

8 Transmitters:

Input: 1x HDMI (Female type A) , 1 x IR-TX

Reset button

output: 1xRJ45

18 Receivers:

Input: 1xRJ45

Output: 1x HDMI (Female type A) , 1 IR-RX

Reset Button

Box Dimensions 205mm[L] x 155mm [W] x 57mm[H]

DC/ 5V

1 Cisco 52 port Managed switch

1 URC total Control MRX-10

Notes: This unit is programmed for 8x18 but can be easily changed to any format of similar configuration